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We've done it since the beginning, before COVID made it popular.


Want to train with a PrepMaster from a team you are auditioning for but you don't live in the same place?  No problem

Don't want the hassle of going anywhere to train, but still want all the information? No problem

With virtual training, PDP clients get access to every PrepMaster, not just the ones in your area. 

PDP Virtual Training has proven to be one of the most effective training methods, and easiest. 

"The flexible schedule and virtual options helped me

make the most of the months leading up to auditions. PDP's ability to provide not only dance, but so much more, shows just how valuable PDP can be for every pro cheer hopeful, especially those that struggle with non-dance portions of auditions like introductions, interviews, physical fitness, solo choreography, and editing audition videos."

- Steph, Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

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