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Houston Texans Cheerleaders

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

If you are looking to make a pro dance team, working with PDP is an absolute must! My PrepMaster's experience and knowledge helped me prepare efficiently and raised my level of confidence going into my audition. My PrepMaster was able to quickly pinpoint the areas I  needed to improve upon which helped us make the most of our time during our sessions. She stayed with me through every step of the audition process and with her help I'm proudly entering my rookie season as an NFL cheerleaders. I'm so grateful for this experience and would recommend PDP to anyone on their  journey to becoming a pro dancer.

Philadelphia Flyers

"After years of auditions I wasn't sure if a prep service would make a difference, but it did! I'm so grateful to PDP and my PrepMaster Dominick for helping me make my dream come true. My PrepMaster's advice along with a few sessions to help nail down those missing audition touches made all the difference. I am so excited to announce that I will be cheering on the Philadelphia Flyers this coming Fall!"

My experience training with PDP has been nothing short of excellent. Each lesson was effiecient and beneficial. I noticed my dance technique improving drastically within only a few sessions. I'm SO thankful for the opportunity to have worked with such great girls. Could not have had a better expeirence. Go Texans!

Portland Winterhawks Rosebuds

"PDP has helped me through it all! Since 2020 when I first started with PDP, I have not only grown as a dancer but also as a person. I had the dream of becoming a pro dancer since the age of three, but it always felt unobtainable. The PrepMasters at PDP pushed me to focus on my dancing, my interview prep, my knowledge of the teams I was trying out for and helped me so much with my confidence. I can't thank PDP enough for their guidance through each and every one of my pro dance auditions. I thought it would never happen for me but because of PDP I was able to finally make a pro team!! There is no question. PDP is a must if you are auditioning for a dance team! They are beyond helpful and some of the most supportive and kind people."

Seattle Seahawks Dancers 

Before I started PDP I was at a low point in my life. I didn't know if I was meant to dance anymore because I was turned down for a 6th time. When iI started virtual privates with PDP, everything change. My PrepMaster completely flipped my mindset. I could have given up on my dream and if it weren't for my PrepMaster Katie and PDP I wouldn't have had the right training or confidence to become a pro dancer. I cannot thank them enough!

Florida Panthers Dancers

"An absolute must! PDP made sure I didn't just make a team, but the right one for me. The guidance and encouragement my coach provided, especially in moments when I considered stopping the entire process, was unparalleled and a huge testament to the dedication each PrepMaster provides to their clients. I have never felt more prepared for an audition and it's all thanks to PDP. It is with my PrepMaster's help and PDP that I can officially announce that I am part of the new Florida Panthers Dance Team!"


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